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Travel without a visa

All visitors to Russia need an entry visa, except for:

Nationals of the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine (CIS countries).
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia (With official invitation, tourist voucher and passport stamp "poslovno").
  • Israel, Venesuela, Angola, Abkhazia, Angola, Albania, Bolivia, Brasilia, Syria, Chile, Thailand, Argentina, Guatemala (For the stay of maximum 90 days).
  • China (Tourist groups of 5 pax and more with official representative of the autorised tourist company).
  • Cuba (For the stay of maximum 30 days).
  • Mongolia (With official invitation or tourist voucher).
  • South Korea.

Cruise Passengers

  • Cruise ship passengers do not need a Russian visa, if the stop in the port of call does not exceed 72 hours and if the tourists stay overnight on board.
  • Cruise passengers may disembark from the ship without a tourist visa only for tours organised by cruise or other authorised tourist companies whose responsibilty is to inform Russian migraion services 72 hours before passengers’ arrival.
  • Passengers will not be permitted ashore if they present an invalid passport (even for pre-arranged tour).
  • Passengers who do not take part in organised tours to disembark will need to obtain a Russian tourist visa that cannot be granted once in Russia. Russian visas are issued only in the country of residence before departure.

Children under the age of 16, enlisted in their parents’ passport

NB Children travelling with their own passport must have separate Russian visa and register it upon arrival.

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