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Questionnaire/application form

To apply for a Russian visa, you must complete a questionnaire/application form from the Russian embassy/consulate (2 copies). Download the appropriate form and print it out. When completing the form, please make sure of the following:

•    You have answered all the required questions on the form fully and clearly
•    You have signed and dated the form where indicated
Here are some samples of the consular questionnaire used in different countries:

USA (Questionnaire_USA_Page_01_2.tif, 90 Kb,

Questionnaire_USA_Page_02_2.tif, 96 Kb),

Canada (Questionnaire_Canada_2.tif, 40 Kb),

UK (Questionnaire_UK_2.tif, 32 Kb),

Germany (Questionnaire_Germany_2.tif, 103 Kb),

Spain (Questionnaire_Spain_2.tif, 29 Kb),

China (Questionnaire_China_2.tif, 160 Kb) and

other countries (Questionnaire_2.tif, 47 Kb).

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