Invitation to Russia

There are 4 main types of invitations to Russia:


    1. 1. Tourist confirmation or voucher
      • Corresponding authority: A Russian tour company which is properly registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and possesses a valid ‘tour reference’ number. Make sure you are dealing with a reliable travel agency which can register you once you are in Russia and which will also provide other support services when you arrive.


    1. 2. Business invitation
      • Corresponding authority: The local department of the Passport and Visa Service (PVU) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (for paper invitations) or the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for telexes). The sponsoring organization must be officially registered with the PVU in order to apply for an invitation (according to the corresponding Federal Law dated Nov 1, 2002).


    1. 3. Private invitation (izveshchenie)
      • Corresponding Authority: The local department of the Passport and Visa Service (PVU) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs or OVIR. Allow 4–6 weeks for approval and obtain the original invitation to apply for a visa at the Russian embassy/consulate.


    1. 4. Invitation issued by the ‘foreign department’ of the university/school
      • Corresponding Authority: The ‘foreign department’ of the university/school should take care of all the formalities. It submits the student’s data to immigration officials and will have a student invitation ready in 7–10 days. The invitation is then sent by post, fax, or telex direct to the embassy/consulate where the student is applying for his/her visa.


    1. The invitation for a Russian visa contains the following information about a foreign citizen:
      • Full name 
      • Date of Birth
      • Sex
      • Citizenship / Nationality
      • Passport Number
      • Entry / Exit dates
      • Type of visa and invitation
      • Visa multiplicity (single, double, multiple)
      • Purpose of the trip
      • Itinerary - cities of visit
      • Information about the host organization: ame and reference number
      • Invitation number

For the each type of Russian Visa required exact type of an invitation letter *. Each type of visa is issued by its authorized body.

* With the exception of a transit visa


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