Travel without visa

All visitors to Russia need an entry visa, except:


          1. 1. Cruise Passengers
            • Cruise ship passengers do not need a Russian visa, if the stop in the port of call does not exceed 72 hours and if the tourists stay overnight on board
            • Cruise passengers may disembark from the ship without a tourist visa only for tours organized by cruise or other authorized tourist companies whose responsibility is to inform Russian migration services 72 hours before passengers’ arrival
            • Passengers will not be permitted ashore if they present an invalid passport (even for pre-arranged tour)
            • Passengers who do not take part in organized tours to disembark will need to obtain a Russian tourist visa that cannot be granted once in Russia. Russian visas are issued only in the country of residence before departure


          1. 2. The citizens of the following countries
            • Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine (CIS countries)
            • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia (With official invitation, tourist voucher and passport stamp "poslovno")
            • Israel, Venesuela, Angola, Abkhazia, Angola, Albania, Bolivia, Brasilia, Syria, Chile, Thailand, Argentina, Guatemala (For the stay of maximum 90 days)
            • China (Tourist groups of 5 pax and more with official representative of the autorised tourist company)
            • Cuba (For the stay of maximum 30 days)
            • Mongolia (With official invitation or tourist voucher)
            • South Korea


      1. 3. Children under the age of 16
        • If the child is entered in the passport of the parents and travels accompanied by them
        • If the name of the child is not entered in the passport of the parents / guardians or they do not accompany him, the child needs a visa to Russia. In this case, the parents must notarize the consent of the child to travel
        • When children and parents have different surnames, the birth certificate of the child must be attached to the visa