Loss of documents

What to do if you lose your passport and visas?


            1. 1. Do not worry. You're not the first person to have this kind of problem and the police and consulate staff will provide the necessary advice to guide you through this process.

Here are phones of some police stations in St. Petersburg:

2. You can get "Certificate of Return" in a consulate of your Homeland Country. 

If there is no consulate of the desired country you should go to the embassy in Moscow.

To obtain a certificate or permission to return, you will need to provide:

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs can also issue a Return-Home Certificate based on a diplomatic note from the Embassy or Consulate of your native country. With this Certificate you do not need an exit visa and can leave Russia within 10 days.

Loss of migration card

Your Migration Card is the piece of paper that you have to fill in at passport control. Seemingly a needless formality, it is nonetheless an important document for the Russian authorities, and should be treated with care. If you try to leave Russia without a migration card, the chances are you will be fined between $50 and $100 dollars, delayed, and you may have trouble if you wish to make an application for another Russian visa in the future. We therefore recommend that you always carry good-quality photocopies of all your travel documents, including your Migration Card.

If you do lose your migration card, it will have to be reported to the local Office of the Federal Migration Service where your visa was registered. You should do this yourself or, demand that the company which issued your visa support documents and registered you originally does it on your behalf.